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Sales Management and Invoices

Your Customers are your first priority,
Now you can keep all their info at your finger tips,
Issue and send invoices to them directly,
Track their payment and outstanding balance,
And even offer them a real-time progress report !

All from one place.

Expenses and Payroll

Worried of running low on cash ?

You don’t have to be, start tracking every penny you spend with receipt scanning, scheduled payments and automated payroll.
You can even set running expenses that gets deducted every time you serve a client.

Team Collaboration

Efficiency is key, that’s why we are providing you with tools that will guarantee your team will be performing better than ever,
Starting with a task management board that tells you each task’s duration, start and end dates.

A shared Calendar for your company’s meetings and deadlines

Documents storage ability
And a comprehensive chat interface that brings all of this together helping your team collaborate on their daily tasks.

Market Place and Stock Management

Selling a great product is all about meeting the demand you worked so hard to create.

We are thrilled to help you with that by providing a ready to use , customizable E-commerce platform that integrates with the rest of your business flow.

Now you can compare your sales and expenses directly on a single dashboard while keeping track of your inventory and supply volume.

Startup Pay

Still collecting cash ?

Cut the hassle for your customers by offering them a choice between multiple payment options that will all get reflected in your revenues next to the rest of your financial figures.

You won’t have to enter numbers manually in an Excel sheet anymore !